Illuvium Game Designer: Axie Infinity Should Stabilize the Prices of SLP & Axies

Author Shiela Bertillo

Khaled Alroumi, the creator of the RPG Illuvium Game Designer game, provided a way to enhance the stability and visibility of the Axie Infinity’s in-game token Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axies, game consoles. NFT, in a tweet yesterday.

According to him, Axie Infinity should “create the need for SLP from existing users, not new users” and “expand the Axies release process so that it is not available.”

“There is no need to set up a new system like making a fix for this problem,” he added.

In addition, he sent, along with the idea, a picture of his idea to “re-register” the player’s body parts for the better in exchange for SLP, “axie soul essence” and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS).

The process of restoring a body part includes rules such as if the body part was re-aligned, no other part can be repeated, the repetition of the body part can be done 5 times and its value will increase at any time.

Through this, the need for a stable SLP can be developed and added more axies in the system, the manufacturer said.

10 Million Axie Breeding Event

Axie Infinity recently announced through Discord a breeding event in which the coach who breeds Axie ten million won the Tanuki Mystic position.

“Hey Teachers, we have some very good news! In the coming days, ten million Axie will be born. We want to celebrate the Breeding event,” the producers wrote.

Tanuki Mystic Space Increases Axies with “Japanese body parts” by 10% and increases the decline of the Chimera object by 5%.

However, according to Axie Infinity’s terms of employment no machines will be allowed which means breeding site, software or smart contracts using machines or non-human methods is prohibited.

The developers also said that “any violation of the TOS would cause all Axies in the offending account and linked accounts to be banned and the instructor removed from the ceremony.”

“To put it bluntly, notice a week in advance is a warning that you should stop breeding your Axie 10M before birth. If you can’t control your machines until the Axie 10M is born you should stop now,” the manufacturers reminded breeders.

With this breeding event, the demand for SLP, which is widely used in breeding, should increase.

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